ChocoMe Assorted Raffines 135g

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Exclusive dragée selection (3x45g)

Sicilian almond enrobed with almond couverture and coated with Nepalese timur pepper

The crisp texture of the Tuono almonds from Sicily is counterbalanced by the softness of the almond couverture, in turn, these are contrasted by the sparkling grapefruit notes of the Timur pepper from Nepal - the tingling freshness makes it memorable.

Piemonte hazelnut enrobed with hazelnut-flavoured milk chocolate and passion fruit couverture

The freshly roasted hazelnuts from Piemonte is covered with a double crust: first, we enrobed it with a mix of hazlenut paste and milk chocolate and then we enrobed it with a layer of couverture made from exotic passion fruit, which pairs a pleasant sourness with the nutty flavour.

Sicilian almond enrobed with dark chocolate and yuzu couverture

The flat, crunchy Sicilian Tuono almonds are enrobed with a double crust. First is a layer of origin dark chocolate from Madagascar then comes a perfumey, exuberantly fresh yuzu couverture.

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