Bott Frigyes Kadarka 2022

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We cultivate our nearly 10 has. of vineyard along the river Garam, 250 meters above sea level on the Hill of Muzsla. This historic wine region is enclosed inside the geographical centre of the triangle formed by the Garam River, the Danube and the southern side of the hills of Muzsla, in what used to be the vineyard of the Cathedral of Esztergom. Its soil is made of volcanic clay, rich in limestone and minerals. Our grapes are cultivated according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture and our wines are produced using traditional methods through self-fermentation in wooden barrels and amphorae and aging using “sur lie” technology. Most of our wines are bottled unfiltered with a minimal addition of sulphur. Our goal is to use our prevailing knowledge to produce, with minimal intervention, wines that reflect the terroir of Muzsla. A naturalistic, natural wine is nothing other than the sum of many-many clean tiny elements - present as well in the grape as in the cellar.
Country: Slovakia.
Region: Muszla.
Grapes: Kadarka.
Winemaking: Sustainable. Organic. Practising Biodynamic. Vegan. Low Intervention.
ABV: 13.0%
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