Black Donkey Pint Glass

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Does the right glass make a difference to the flavour and aroma of your beer? We’re not entirely sure, (and we’ve drained enough of them to constitute a pretty comprehensive study!) but a clean one certainly does. The Black Donkey screen printed “Aspen” pint glass will make sure that whoever loads the dishwasher knows that this glass is for beer and hand-washing only. The chemical residues left behind by modern dishwashers will ruin the head retention of a beer, and make your glass of finely crafted malty deliciousness look like a glass of soda, yuck! Traces of fats left behind, for example from milk, will have the same effect, so for best results, reserve this crystalline beauty for beer only. Wash by hand in warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly, and you can enjoy pint after pint of fresh, frothy craft.
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